It all started when Atkafighter arrived and started bulk-uploading Miis. In one of his initial bulk uploads, he helped (then) reach 1,000 Mii uploads. It was fitting that we honor him with the first Artist Profile.

We had no idea that 4 months later his Mii Page would be featured on Or that many other Mii artists, both established and new, would continue to be encouraged to create mind-boggling counts of intricately-crafted Mii caricatures and expand the database of Miis to epic proportons.

We're certainly glad they did. Hundreds of thousands of visitors have come to since 2006 to browse the largest searchable Mii database on the planet, and theirs are the cream of the crop. We honor their contributions by asking them goofy, uniform questions about unimportant matters, and the archive of those responses is right here.

Artist Profile honors are now given by the community. If you find a Mii you think is outstanding, or you spot an up-and-comer who really puts the effort in, click the "Vote for Artist" button near the artist's information. If enough people vote for that user, they'll be sent a request to be profiled. It could be you!