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Can't believe this site is actually here... it's been down every other time I've tried. I'm guessing Jose is trying to grab some traffic from the Switch launch?

Anyway, since there aren't really any other places on the web that I know of for Mii enthusiasts, I figured I would report on what the Mii editor on the Nintendo Switch adds over the previous versions.

First the bad news: there are no new pieces for face, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, or facial hair.

They have added some new pairs of glasses, however. There are some new frame styles, and some options with opaque lenses (so they completely obscure what's behind them -- some possibly interesting design possibilities there).

Here's the bigger news: most of the color palettes in the editor have expanded to 100 choices! The editor gives you the traditional options for hair color, skin color, eye color et al., and also has an "All Colors" option which expands the options to 100. Finally you can give a Mii white hair, blue hair, and much, much more. I'm already thinking of updates I can make to a ton of my Miis using this.

One other thing I noticed: the sliders for a Mii's height and weight are slightly expanded, so you can make it a little taller or fatter if you want to.

That's all I've noticed for the editor itself. One major pain about the Switch is that there is no way to import Miis other than to copy it from an amiibo, which means you can only transfer them one at a time. Additionally, Miis on Switch have lost most of their metadata options: you can no longer give them a creator name, birthday, or flag them to disallow copying and sharing. There also appear to no longer be QR codes (since Switch doesn't have a camera anyway). It also loses Wii U's handy "Save as Image" feature. You can just use the Share button to capture a screenshot in the editor and then crop it down, but that adds a step.

That's all I've noticed so far. If I see anything I missed I'll update... if anyone will ever even read this.
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Great news on the Mii editor improvements. I haven't managed to obtain a Switch yet but hope to. If it encourages a revival of Mii creativity then I'll be happy to continue to review and filter submissions.

My apologies about outages. The server has some issues as a result of age that can be challenging to manage. I have been making small improvements and adjustments behind the scenes to combat these problems and I can't say that my work is finished -- that means outages are still a possibility and I apologize for them in advance.
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