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For this thread, feel free to make movesets for any character that isn't already present in any Smash Bros. game.

I'll start it off:
Runo Misaki (Bakugan series)
Up x3: Three-Level Jump - Runo can jump three times mid-air, ala Psylocke and Chun-Li.
Tap Side direction twice in air: Air Dash - She can accelerate to the left or right more quickly than a normal movement.

B: Swan Clash - Similar to Mario's Fireball, but goes straight forward (like a Hadouken from Ryu) and is in shape of a swan.  It cannot be done mid-air.

Air B: Electric Shot - A fireball is thrown downward, and is actually Storm's air MP from X-Men vs. Street Fighter.  It cannot be done on the ground.

Side B: Psycho Teleport - Runo's version of the Fox Illusion and the Falco Phantasm.

Up B: Rainbow Rise - It's the Runo version of the Dolphin Slash, but a rainbow comes out of her punching fist (like Ken's fire on HP Shoryuken).

Down B: Miku Plush - Like the Toad Counter, Runo pulls out a plush doll designed after Hatsune Miku.  It will shoot toxic from her mouth after detecting a hit.

Final Smash: Psycho Medley - Runo will perform a combo of attacks while changing her costumes to those seen in the Bakugan anime.  However, a series of button presses need to be commanded or else she will fail her Final Smash and fall to the floor.

After the first hit of the Psycho Medley, press these buttons in the following order (facing right): Up, Down, Right, Left, B, Shield, A, Up, #  (reverse Right and Left when facing left)
Replace the # with:
A - Runo does the "Demon Shout" punch while wearing her dress from the last episode of Bakugan season 1.
B - Runo does the "Splendor Love" uppercut while wearing her pajamas.
Shield - Runo swings a frying pan like a golf club and wears her cafe clothes from some episodes of Bakugan.
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Runo Kirby

- The result of Kirby after inhaling and accepting Runo Misaki. This Kirby wears a light-blue pigtails wig.

Kirby B: Swan Clash - Identical to Runo's Swan Clash.  Kirby yells out "Swan Clash!" as well.
Kirby Air B: Electric Shot - Identical to Runo's Electric Shot.
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B: Cracker Volley: a projectile, that can be done more than once to stack
Bforward: Overdrive closerange attack
B up: rebuff overdrive (a uppercut style shoulder charge)
BDown (ground): hamon Cola: a launcher/ closerange attack
B down air: hamon hammer

Final Smash: Secret technique! : joseph runs away, and then the Pillar Men start attack the rest of the stage
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