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Due to the announcement of Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, you can explain what you want. However, this thread does not affect Nintendo in any way.

  • Add a RETIRE system.  Getting hit by weapons, obstacles and hazards decrease your HP.  Emptying the HP gauge, staying in water or off course when the countdown goes to zero, and/or falling off the course retires you from the race.  In case of a multiplayer race, a slots mini-game appears on the retired player's screen.
  • Have two jump buttons (L and R specifically).  The other jump button must be pressed to activate the mini-turbo.
  • Allow three mini-turbos max per drift.  If you wish to make more mini-turbos, keep starting new drifts again.
  • No more A button as the gas button.  Y button is brakes, B button is gas, and A button is the weapons/taunt button.

^ If that doesn't go well for some gamers, then a button configuration feature will be added, which is a first in the Mario Kart series.

  • Allow the racer to taunt at any time, whenever he or she has no weapons equipped.
  • Add an announcer.  Charles Martinet or Josh Millman would be good announcers for this game.
  • Include a "driver" view, which only makes the camera view in front of the racer.
  • No more 3-banana bunches.  Instead, 5-banana bunches take place.
  • Make spiny shells the same attack power as red and green shells and have wings removed.
  • Vertical split-screen, please. 4:3 screen ratio enables Horizontal split while 16:9 screen ratio enables Vertical split, like in Gran Turismo 3.
  • Have a personalized music feature (I just wish Nintendo was like Microsoft!).  .m4a files on either SDHC card or Wii U System Memory would do.
  • No more of that course-specific music.  Instead, a collection of music gets played, regardless of the course.  Also, the music changes each time a new race begins.

^ Due to that, the Japanese versions will have an original music score done by Nintendo's in-house music artists while the overseas versions use a licensed soundtrack consisting of Rock/Metal, Punk and Hip-Hop/Rap music.

  • Rocket start is no longer "hold gas in the middle of the second red light", and no more spin-out starts.  Instead, a mini-turbo gauge appears.  Holding gas increases it, and holding it too long causes it to decrease.  When the gauge is over 50% when all red lights become blue, then the rocket start happens.
  • If Nintendo could hire Namco (the company that develops Super Smash Bros. 2014, Star Fox Assault and Mario Super Sluggers) to include Pac-Man series characters, then it's a deal because Pac-Man World Rally was known to be a failed attempt in making a Mario Kart clone.
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* I'd love to see Pac-Man/ Ms Pac Man appear in Mario Kart 8
* Screen Ratio- dependent screen splitting is a stellar idea
* 5-banana-tails from the old games i think should be a possibility, but not simply replace the triple banana
* Taunt is a fantastic idea, similar to Mario Kart Double Dash taunts
* Button check sounds like a very valid option
- not sure i like the idea of the F-Zero Retire system tho, even if it was fun in F-Zero itself

*As for the music, we could do what Brawl did, by having multiple tracks for every stage
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I think the more they could make it like Super Mario 64 with a touch of Super Mario Kart the better, those two games remain my favorite in the series due to track design, an emphasis on racing over battling, and the awesome simplicity of the items (shells and banana peels) and rarity of the power weapons.
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Got a lot more ideas.  

  • Make the flattened racer unable to be controlled, just like in Pac-Man World Rally, Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing.
  • Return the Boo weapon.  This makes the racer transparent for a short time and takes the race leader's (or runner-up's if used in first place) weapon.
  • No more Stormy Weather II.  This hot-potato styled weapon is annoying, but Stormy Weather I was a lot better.
  • Display a counter (after around one boost) for how many boosts the racer did within the three second count.  After three seconds a boost is not made, then the counter disappears and resets to zero.
  • Display a BPM counter whenever the racer is hit within the three second count.  This is the same as the boosts counter, except it counts how many hits you got in a row.
  • There would be no music in the three player or four player modes.
  • Bring back the elimination-styled Balloon Battle from Mario Kart 64, and no more of that death match crap from Mario Kart Wii.
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