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Incredible, all you could want from a game. Beats all other zelda in every way.

Only bad thing, is it leaves you wanting more
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I've been a Zelda fan since Zelda II: Link's Adventure on the NES. It's true, I never cared for the first, and I hold the SNES and N64 games to be amazing pieces of art.

...but then there's Twilight Princess. Where do I begin?

The puzzles are standard to what people have come to expect of a Zelda game, and the bosses are even larger than ever before. The story is utterly confusing, desperately trying to add new, unnecessary twists to same old formula. The characters are lovingly animated, and probably stand to be the most impressive part of the game. The city square, for the first time in Zelda history, actually feels like a city square, with hundreds of people running about doing their chores, while the children play with cats and dogs. The world is very large, and Hyrule, in general, actually feels alive.

In fact, thinking back, from a philosophical perspective, this is the first Hyrule since Zelda II that actually seems worth saving!

But, hey, hold on there, young swordsman, there's some things you should know before you embark on this quest.

First off, Link turns into a Wolf... and that, my friends, is downright stupid. The whole turning into a Wolf so I can use my "senses" to see hidden enemies or whatever is so %*$#ing obnoxious that every 15 minutes or so when I have to "transform to Wolf" I want to turn the game off and put Resident Evil 4 back in so I can play through that for the 100th time instead. In fact, if this Wolf thing is a feature that Nintendo plans on keeping in the Zelda franchise, I'm done with Zelda forever. Nintendo, the Wolf has to go. Period. Get rid of it.

The wolf is the worst. gimmick. ever.

Secondly, constantly flicking my wrist around for what's easily 60 or so hours of game play is downright painful. It makes me almost wish I had picked up the GameCube version. It adds zero sense of immersion, and possibly even removes me from the game world because I'm flicking left to right while Link is swinging his sword in a thousand different directions. No good.

But what about the arrow/hook shot/other thing that uses the Wiimote!? Well, frankly, I find this obnoxious as well. If you move the pointer off the screen instead of turning, or something else you might expect, Link freezes leaving you completely vulnerable to attacking enemies, and the obnoxious red words telling you to point your remote at the screen appear. What kind of tacked on control mechanic, exactly, is this? A crappy one, that's what. If you're in the middle of a battle and you accidentally hit your hook shot button and your remote isn't pointed directly at the screen, expect to get slammed by a cheap shot from your enemy.

Never mind how obnoxious it is to line up the freaking cursor with that hook shot thing. Man this game is seriously beginning to hurt my forearm!

Ok, so aside from the Wolf thing, and the fact that the Wii version feels like a sloppy port, there's still problems. Somewhere, over in the East, the great minds of Nintendo have decided that even though Ocarina of Time has stood strong over time that Zelda is just too difficult... so after Majora's Mask (an amazing game), they decided to make the enemies so ridiculously underpowered and pathetic that they've become more of a minor annoyance than a threat. I haven't died once. Not once.. and I'm 40 hours into the game. The least they could have done was given a hard/easy setting.

And there's rupees everywhere! Nothing to spend them on, mind you, but there's tons of them. I've passed at least a hundred hidden chests with the message "There's not enough room in your wallet." Serious? What are they all for? I find purple and orange rupees EVERYWHERE.

What's with this? Why is this game so easy? I fell in love with Zelda II when I was 10-years-old because I have fond memories of getting to the end of Death Mountain only to die and have to start from the very first cave again. Or remember trying to beat those bosses? Oh brother, was that a challenge. And that intensity followed Link for many games, until Nintendo got soft, gave Mario a talking water back-pack-thing and put Fox McCloud on the ground in Dinosaur Land.

Man, what is going on with these franchises!? Next thing you know Samus is going to be shooting rainbows at space kittens.

The music is the same MIDI from The Ocarina of Time. A bit of a disappointment, really, as some of the MIDI sounds just aren't aging well. In fact, sometimes it sounds like the music is being played by an ensemble of those Gyroids from Animal Crossing. Not very flattering, but as lame as the songs sound at times, Koji Kondo's beautiful compositions are still nice on the ears.

The graphics are nice. The Wolf looks terrible when compared to what Rare was able to accomplish in Star Fox Adventures on the 'Cube, but the rest is a definite improvement over past games in the franchise, with some landscapes stretching far off into the distance. The desert, in particular, is very impressive, and seems to stretch for miles. This is no high-definition, next-generation visual masterpiece, mind you, but does add significantly to the immersive feeling of it all when you can actually see the world around you.

So while many reviewers have given Twilight Princess amazing scores, I'm afraid I just can't justify it. This game, with it's quirky controls, obnoxious wolf gimmick, and total lack of challenge seems mediocre at best. If it wasn't a Zelda title I wouldn't even play it through to the end.

I hope to finish Zelda:TP at some point soon and have a better impression of it, but so far, I'm more than a bit disappointed.

If you're looking for a fresh Zelda experience and haven't played the Minish Cap on Gameboy Advance, go check that out instead.
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As A Legend of Zelda fan I have play every Zelda game and in comparison this is one of the best games in the series if not the Best. This game provides a contrast of features from old and new games. Like time traveling from Ocarina of time and Shape changing from Major’s Mask (Of course this in a smaller scale). With the old and classic items like the Master Sword and new Items like the spinner. The game provides extensive field and quests that will immerse you in the game. And I would not be fare if I don’t mention the level of interaction that the wiimote and nunchuck provide to the game. Swinging your sword or stomping with your shield the new control system takes you to a higher level of interaction.

Great game definitely a 5 stars.
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Meh, a rather easy Zelda with not a lot of thought behind side quests. The boos fights lasted 5 minuets top. Defiantly not the best Zelda game out there.
Well, I'm not really that far into it right now, but so far I can say that I have not enjoyed it as much as the rest. I guess only time will tell.
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My first Zelda game that I have played through.. Straight 60 hours I played almost without sleep. Atmosphere, music, story, everything just perfect..
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Great game with plenty to do and high replay value. This is Zelda at its finest!
This game is uses the Wiimote ingeniously. It's like having a thrid set of buttons or a third joystick, but even so, it's plays more easily than the Zeldas on N64!!!
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A great puzzle adventure game. It feels like a great addition the the Zelda universe. The only thing, That bothers me, but I understand, Is Link is right handed in this game, because it would be much to hard to control his left with your right. You may get stuck, Because the game is quite confusing and detailed, but hey, Its LoZ.
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awesome! Everything was amazing. the story the puzzles, the gameplay with the wiimote.
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The best "Legend of Zelda" title ever -- great extended quests and replay value!
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Brilliant as ever, a nice slow stroll through Hydrule
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its da ****z
Brilliant game, well worth buying. Exellent gameplay, keep you ammused for months with the main quest and mini games such as fishing. Brilliant effects, and will last you a long time. Best launch title.
I never liked Zelda so much, was more a fan of Final Fantasy series. But since the PS3 is a flop and I'm not willing to pay $600 for a console that doesn't deserve it, I went for the Wii because of the party fun factor. I don't regret it, the console is so much fun and Twilight Princess made me like the Zelda Series so much that now I'm buying Wind Waker to play it too!
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+ Excellent Graphics
+ Excellent Sound
+ Excellent Gameplay
- Bugs
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This is a deep and rich Zelda experience. Definitely the best game available right now for the Wii.
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This game is perfect. Its one of the best videogames ever and to my mind the best Zelda game.
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It's Zelda, need I say more!
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It's the best Zelda game ever, though Link to the Past still has it beat in sheer length of gameplay.
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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time set the bar for every upcoming Zelda game in the history of the world. Since that day forward, every Zelda game has to be measured with Ocarina of Time and see if it passes the test.

I have to happily say that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess has passed the test. However, it did not reach the level of perfection as Ocarina of Time.

But don't let that get you down, the game in itself is awesome. Gameplay, controls, swordplay, music, surroundings, visuals... the game has it all. This game is a must-have for all Wii owners.

Now... for my rant... WHERE THE HELL IS THE OCARINA?! What happened with the musical instruments?! I mean, musical instruments have always formed part of the Zelda franchise. Playing instruments is one of the most lovable things of past Zelda games, yet Nintendo has been phasing that out on the recent games. What is up with that?!

The fairy... no fairy in this game... Fairy companions where indispensable in all Zelda games... what happened with that?

As a fan of the series, I'm disappointed to see legendary elements of the Zelda game to be phased out.

Apart from those geeky complaints, the game was an excellent game. It was (almost) perfect. :)
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Swet Game and soo addicting, and the visuals are amazing
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+ terrific adventure elements, HUGE world.
+ dungeons are a blast.
+ controls great!
+ hands-down, best game currently out for the wii.

- It just seems like it is...missing something...I cant put my finger on it though...
this the best legend of zelda game there is

i only wish it was longer (i beat it in 38 hours)
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Most brilliant game for the Wii at the moment
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still have to finish this game but it is great so far:)
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