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FC: 0903-2431-5063
Awesome! lets exchange brawl codes and we can play.
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FC: 0087-1996-3780
I was extemely satisfied with this much antcipated game. The graphics, soundtrack, gameplay, and online play completes the massively fun Super Smash Bros. series. I don't even have to tell you to buy it because you already own it, but if you don't, BUY SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL NOW! If I had another thumb I would give SSBB three thumbs up!
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FC: 4167-4185-5641
no, not FIVE stars, TEN! this is the most amazing game ever created. buy it. play it. love it.
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I've literally got this game in my hands as I fully pre-ordered it $100.00 AUS but they don't know the confirmed release date. If anyone knows please message me on Mii Plaza as I dont have Wi-Fi.

Can't wait. The best game of 2008. Gonna have some trouble picking between Link and Sonic.
FC: 0387-8451-6164
This is my favorite Game i ever played and i am addicted to it and also i have japanese version of Smash bros brawl!! both of them are awesome!
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FC: 3952-6682-8960
one of my favorites of all time. BUY IT!!!
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FC: 1762-2332-3972
An all-out blast!
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Sorry, I don't get it. For me, it's just like hectically pushing buttons and getting nervous. But I'm old. :-)
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FC: 5370-0159-0777

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is one of Nintendo's best games ever made. Let's explore it.

The overall presentation is fantastic, with a very large amount of game modes, you'll never get bored with this game.

The graphics are a lot better than Melee's with a lot of detail in the characters and stages.

Speaking of characters and stages, they are all very unique, with characters being different, as there are powerhouses like Bowser, and speed demons like Fox. Sega and Konami even have included Solid Snake and Sonic The Hedgehog. The stages are better then ever, with basic ones like Battlefield and Smashville, to silly ones like WarioWare Inc. and Pictochat. The developers were even nice enough to bring back some of the best stages from Melee.

This game probably has one of the best soundtracks ever with tunes from games ranging from Yoshi's Island to Metroid, this game even as some great tracks from Metal Gear and Sonic the Hedgehog. Sound Effects are perfectly fitted to each character.

Gameplay is top-notch, with an awesome new addition called Final Smashes. I expected them to be an instant KO, but only some of them are, like Marth's Critical Hit. Items are vastly improved. Assist Trophies are great sending out an ally such as Waluigi or Andross. There is also an item called the Dragoon, that, once all three parts are collected, is an instant KO.

Overall, I am sure you could play this forever and every Wii isn't complete without it.

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FC: 1590-4366-2413
I will own you in this. This is awesome! It was confusing at first but overall it's a lot harder than Melee. Especially because a level 1 CPU can get the Smash Ball first.
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awesome game even though i don't own it. ive got it on hold and ive read tons about it. if you wana read about it go to
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just pre-ordered it, its going to be the absolute best game of 2008 from what ive seen on the website here it is if u want to read about it: just copy and paste
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FC: 4167-4172-9060
****in Awesome!!!
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FC: 4897-5599-1054
Feb 10th 2008. I've Finished Preordered Mah Copy Of Dis Game And I Can't Wait Til It Comes Out!! I Hope They Make A Headset Az Well B4 It Comes Out Since We Hav 2 Wait Longer. (Crossing Fingers)
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i kinow this game hasnt come out yet but its gonna be awesome. my older brother is getting it for me early. i cant wait to play it. 5 stars
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FC: 4425-1177-5939
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FC: 4425-1128-5522
Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Just thinking about this game sends tingles down my spine. With its 4 controller options, online play, and its amazing features and graphics, SSBB will be a top seller the second it hits the shelves. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. For any questions, or just interested in its weekday updates, go to
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FC: 3437-2730-9886
This game is a very great game. There are so many things to do & it actually seems easier than SSBM There are a lot of things to unlock, like stages, characters etc. also, many Things to collect such as Stickers & Trophies. The Wi-Fi is good but it wouldve been better to play more modes with your friends. It is also sometimes very laggy :( but most of the time its very good & fun. I would defenetley recommend this to any Wii owner. 5/5
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o god this will be the best ever
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FC: 3566-1361-5916
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FC: 3694-9721-8955

Perfection in disc form.

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FC: 1504-5374-9388
This is a MUST buy game. This game has good replay value and it looks absolutely amazing. Nintendo really outdid themselves when they upgraded melee into this masterpiece.
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FC: 5069-4586-5573
This game isn't awesome...
This game is Brawl!
You haven't lived until you've played this. I'm serious. If you don't play this game, I feel very sorry for you.
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FC: 1547-4961-2933
The amount of content here is ridiculus. Every mode here is addictive and rewarding. It's so much fun, get it.
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FC: 0044-3050-8880
this games gonna rock the wiis socks off, man i cant wait!!! Screw 5 stars i give this game 10 stars even though i havent even played it yet!!!
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FC: 3566-1216-4522
This is possibly the most anticipated Wii title out there. It was delayed 3 times, but kept an active website, with new information every weekday, and has 2 third-party characters that everyone loves. Well, onto the review.

Graphics: 5/5
I might as well start with the least important part of a game review (because you don't need good graphics to enjoy a game, just look at Zork). While we all know the Wii doesn't have the greatest graphics of the next-gen consoles, this game is absolutely stunning! The graphics are so radiant, and beautiful. The models are so smooth, the textures so detailed! These graphics blew my mind!

Playability: 5/5
The controls are so great. There are four types of control schemes (Wiimote, Wiimote + Nunchaku, Classic Controller, and Gamecube Controller), and they can all be rearranged and configured to your liking. You can play it safe, and go with a control scheme your already familiar with (Gamecube Controller), or you can try something new and compact (Wiimote), or you could go with an SNES controller feel (Classic Controller), or you can go with the more Wii-ish feel, and have the main controller, with the floating attachment (Wiimote + Nunchaku), and you can also set the W + N so that you can shake the Wiimote in the direction you want to perform a smash attack, which is quite convinient. My personal favorite is Wiimote + Nunchaku, but that's irrelevant to the review.

Gameplay: 5/5
There are so many modes of play! Brawl, Classic, Adventure (which has been redone completely from melee, with a story and everything, while keeping the sidescrolling action gameplay, which has also been greatly improved upon!), Rotation, Home-Run Contest, Multi-Man Brawl, Target Test, Rotation, Events, Special Brawl, and best of all...ONLINE PLAY!!! Because the online play is such a big deal, it will have its own section. But regarding everything else... Most modes that were previously solo are now cooperative. Some examples are Home-Run contest, Events, Multi-Man Brawl, Target Test, all of those. The only thing not co-op is Classic, which is a bit of a disappointment, but it doesn't matter with all the other great new things.

Online: 4/5
Yeah, a 4...The only reason is this: llllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. Yes, it's that bad (the lag that is). The online is so much fun, but because Nintendo runs ALL of its games on the same servers, it's SUPER lag-tastic. It's still worth playing, just expect some choppy play...

Replay Value: 5/5
With 3 difficulty levels for events and such, and 5 difficulty levels for adventure mode and classic, and much improved difficulty of computer players, you'll be playing everything over and over and over again!

Overall Score: 24/25 96%
This game doesn't get only 20 possible like the rest of my reviews from now on will get, just because online deserves it's own category. But, falling only 2 points short of a perfect score, this game is a definite buy. Go out and buy it NOW!
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Awesome game. Nice 9-10 hour storyline, awesome wifi capabilities, Amazing Graphics! If you have a wii, it would be an injustice not to have this game, please pick it up today!
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Okay, I am going to buy this the day it comes out. I have gone to the website every day for months for all the new updates, and it just gets better and better. AND SONIC THE HEDGEHOG IS IN IT! This game also should shut up the morons who think the Wii has bad graphics (seen Mario's pants, the Ice Climbers' outfits, Fox's fur, and Link's tunic? Icredibly detailed. Just as good as PS3 graphics, for cryin' out loud!). This game is going to be the best fighting game every, no questions.
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I pre-ordered it but 5-star anyways! (:
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