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bestes spiel dieses jahr! ich liebe die genaue steuerung!
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its great for one of the few games with motionplus compatibility, but i recommend one of the other two games, like tiger woods or grand slam tennis
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Great amount of sports which are all great, good use of the motionplus, and the importing was another great idea. My Favorites are Basketball, Table Tennis, Golf, Swordplay, Bowling, Archery, in fact all of them are great.

10 out of 10.
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The original wii sports was a great party game and intro to motion controls, but becuase of its simplistic/shollow gameplay, gamers like myself eventualy got tired of it. Wii sports resort is a great sequel, taking the blueprint of the original and expanding on it exponentialy thanks to motion+.
WSR has three times more events to compete in than the original,and control far better than anything in Wii Sports, but more importantly most of them are incredibly fun with especialy with friends. There are a couple of duds (cycling, and jet ski should have been canned imo) but the rest have true 1:1 control with sword fighting, basketball, ping pong and archery being the best of the bunch, golf, bowling, airsports are close seconds. I was sceptical about M+ at first but it really works and adds alot of depth to each activity, it takes skills to get high scores and you cant really cheat/break the game by mindlessly shaking your arms around.
I'm giving this game 5 stars even though its not perfect,I'd have liked online play and more fleshed out options for each game. But no other game gives the feeling of actually shooting a bball,slicing a watermelon, applying english to a ping pong shot, weidling a bow etc. this well. If you own a wii you should own this game, if you dont own a wii buy it for this game, its that fun.
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While certainly not as compelling as the original Wii Sports, the game IS good enough to actually make me wanna use the wii-motion-plus attatchment. The "Showdown" in Fencing mode is compelling for adreneline, the wakeboarding is soothing, frisbee is simple; dogfight and basketball make for awesome multiplayer games. The new bowling is annoying for Wii Bowling vets like me, but the 100-pin option is a fine innovation. The graphics are great, but only for simplicity reasons.
Overall, comparing this game to Wii Sports 1 is not like comparing Super Mario Bros 1 to Super Mario Bros 3, but it doesn't fail to be one cool toy-game.
And yes. That C.M.O.-import feature freaked me out, too.
Wii sports resort is a great game! The new Wii motion plus actually makes it feel like you're doing the real thing! I can't wait to see it in other games! My favorite games are Archery and Swordplay. I also love Table Tennis, Air sports, Power Crusing, Cycling, and bowling. Basketball, Frisbee, and golf take a while to get used to but when you do, they're PWNAGE!!! Canoeing is fun too but I chickened out on intermediate and expert mode XP Wakeboarding is my least favorite one but at least the expert level is fun. Also, the in-game miis are very interesting.

OVERALL: BUY THIS! Until New Super Mario Bros Wii comes out, this is the best game of 2009!
I played it at my friends house.. Freakin Fun!!!!
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sorry i don't have wii sports resort but i have the regular wii sports.

P.S. i put wii sports resort because when i typed in wii sports it said wii sports resort but no regular wii sports.
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another game that uses the miis
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Wii Sports 比較好玩.. (默
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wii sports resort is great. basketball and frisbee are great additions to the game, and its fun for a very long time
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