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OMG LOVE IT! but i suck at it!
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My sister's. I suck at it.
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Awesome game!

Fun, fun, fun!
I could go on and on about this gaem being so great but, I'd just be repeating whats on the box and such...
Everything about this rocking game is great.
Rock on guys! m >.< /m/
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Guitar Hero III definitely takes Wii to a new level!
Let's look at some of it's features.

The game's main career mode is nice. They've added new additions like boss battles, which pit you against big rock icons like Slash and Tom Morello.

The overall song list is amazing. It has so many huge hits like Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N'Roses, Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones, and Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss. Two songs, Cult of Personality by Living Colour and Anarchy in the U.K. by The Sex Pistols, were even re-recorded to fit the game.

A new addition to the series is online play via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This works very well. You can create your own match or join some else's. And, you can use friend codes to battle people you know!

This game is a great must-buy, even for the high price. It is a ROCKIN game!!

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ive decided that everything ive tried to do with high score threads and tournaments will be discontinued because of a lack of interest in these sorts of things here on miiplaza.

But, does all this and more, so if u really want to do tournaments and compare high scores, join my tour group.

I will continue to check my gh3 thread to see wats up with gh3 and i hope u will still post in my thread. thanks

My Review:

5 stars! All the way. Best game for the wii to date. Amazing gameplay, increased difficulty for those who really want to rock, and an all around fun experience!
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this is an awesome game. its got cool songs. to use the guitar you put the wii mote into the guitar its really. its like all the other guitar hero games: amazing. buy it. 5 stars
Freaking Amazing Game LULZ!!!!!
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get this game
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I whent to E-For All in the this passed month to see what they have and get into some action, the way this game plays is great and inovative so much so that i want to brake down and play for hours with only piss breaks that are 30 sec's long, not only is this game fun but it also has some stuff i didnt think it would have and living up to the hype is not a problem for this fantastic game, and i can't wait to try out the wi-fi stuff it has and in laymens terms I can not wait to head bang my self to death wile playing a guy in the UK. Peace

Overall this game is buy
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Its better than 1 & 2
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this game rocks!
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Amazing face-melting fun
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seriously... name ONE bad thing about this? nothing? okay, that's what i thought. (ROCKS!)
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This is hands down the best guitar hero ever made! add me so we can play online 1358-4529-7149-1239 also check out my blo for game reviews and previews!
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This game ****ing rocks!!!! I love this game. I ain't a expert on it but I think I'm good-average skill on hard difficulty.
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uhh...I have it for 360, so stop sending me messages.
about the game? get it.
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i got this game to see if it lived up to the hype. So far i am halfway through easy and lovin it. I never played it until i bought it and i can tell its an awesome game already. if u wanna play online just ask
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awesome game must buy if you like the series
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I am happy this game is out for the Wii. I love it and it pleases me to know that the Wii is getting more and more franchises that used to be for other consoles. The guitar feels good, I love how the remote is inside the body of the guitar. The gameplay is sweet, however, I think the graphics could have been alot better, but in this game it is really not a requirement. The only huge downfall of this game is there is no downloadable content for the Wii version, but that is not really their fault... more or less nintendo's fault for not having a bigger hard drive. All in all, this game still rules and I recomend it if you like the genre.
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Best guitar hero ever. This game is amazing.
Its a really good game tis pretty easy to start right at medium but i say if this is your first guitar hero game start from easy and work your way up liek i did i got it the day it came out last sunday and i just finished the last of the songs on hard im movin o nto expert now so far its a pretty easy game but very challenging
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If you've played Guitar Hero 1 & 2....then no questions asked.
This is so awesome definently the worth the 90 bucks!
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This game ****ing Rocks!!!!!
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Great songs new characters awesome wifi!
Great Graphics even some exteremely hard songs like Raining Blood.
The Game is a must Get!
Even if you've never played the game before you'll get glued.
Guitar Hero III: Legends of RockGuitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Release Date: October 28, 2007
ESRB: Teen
Publisher: Activision Inc.
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