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Didn't spend too much time with this game, but thats because it was not very interesting. The menu to select the games is ridiculously complicated, where you have to roll a pacman ball into different buildings where the games are. Also, the game appeared to be overwhelmed with several different Pacman games. The original Arcade Classics for the PS2 was a great collection...this one seems to be lacking.
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I Love Namco Its my 2# favorite game I have Namco Museum Remix its awsome You could also play with your miis & play Namco arcade classics '70's to '80's Pac-Mania,Super Pac-Man,Pac&Pal,Mappy,Galaxian,Dig Dug,Cutie-Q,Xevious, Those are the games I like.
Namco Museum RemixNamco Museum Remix
Release Date: October 23, 2007
ESRB: Teen
Publisher: Namco
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