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Aren [ More by this Artist ]
August 31, 2008 at 4:02pm
October 2, 2008 at 6:12pm
October 2, 2008 at 7:42pm
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Amazing level!  Good job on every part of this thing!  So much detail, and the curved lines... I know that's not easy...  Act II pretty much hypnotized me.  It's great to see this kind of quality, hope you get lots more positive feedback, and look forward to more from you!

I kept this in my favorites folder it was so good. You should make a ship for this lvl.
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Speaking of a ship for this... I like to play as the chainsaw.  Does that make me a disturbed person?  I'm still marvelling at the third act, and the background for the boss... and the boss... and the curved lines...

I usualy play as Gyzors Trux ship.
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No problem, man!  That's a seriously impressive level, and must've taken a lot of time and work.  Just know it's appreciated...  As I said, I'm hoping to see more from you.

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This level is freaking sweet and every BWer needs to play it.  The
level of detail on the shapes totally rocks and it's a good challenge
(especially on pilot with a standard bullet) with excellent transitions
and a rocking boss.  I especially like the old school mixing board
complete with patch cables and some of the more exotic instruments.  Is
the two hands piece in act 1 by Bartok or someone like that or is it an
original (I tried to sing through it and realized I haven't sung in
almost 2 years)?  My only suggestions would be maybe considering
turning the play field outlines off for extra realism, and putting in
custom music of your own!

(3rd post on the page)

Great job, man!

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Truly magnificent work!  I give it a 5/5 rating!It was fantastic quality, especially for what little you are given to begin with!I'd like to see more of this!

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Great, wow, fantastic.

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Very hypothesizing, everything falls into play perfectly. Thank you for this.

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Amazing level! The background for the final section (where you fight the boss) is easily one of the most impressive things I've seen done with this game.

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Dare I say this is better than Gryzors work. I think I will. This level in my opinion is the best on Blast Works Depot. Simple amazing backgrounds and enemy detail. If I was to make love with a level it would be this one. WOW how did you do that background on the final boss. It was amazing.

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