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Gryzor [ More by this Artist ]
October 8, 2008
September 15, 2008
August 10, 2008 at 4:06am
October 8, 2008 at 11:03am
October 8, 2008 at 12:16pm
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Important changes:

1 - Selector docks for Lv. 2 weapons - Shoot 'D' for Lv.2 Diamond and 'B' for the Lv.2 Beam. Retract attachments and position yourself in the marker, then shoot and release attachments at the same time.

2 - 9Way shot replaces the old Vshot and uses a more efficient side-dock.

3 -  Attachments are now practically indestructible.

4 - New enemy (blue jet variation)

6 - Enemies are much more dangerous in general. Watch out for revenge bullets!

7 - Big Tiger (boss tank) is meaner and nastier than before.... be careful. :)

Old stuff:

Weapon docks: To equip powerups, position your ship within the docks
where the white marker is - then destroy the 'P' icon. Ideally, you
want the tips of your wings to be touching both pods when you break the
dock. ' For equipping Lv.2s and the 9Way, retract attachments, then fire and release at the same time.

Forward Beam Red: Twin Vulcan White: Diamond Ray ( SUPER
destructive and easily the coolest weapon I've made so far.)

Play on Rookie and use the HellTigerX, HellTigerY, HellTigerZ, T-4 (new version) or the HellSharkG


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Note: The best way to dodge the aimed shots on Big Tiger's 3rd phase is to 'change lanes' as they're fired. :)

I have been reborn. :D
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It's a good day for Blast Workers... can't wait to try this out!

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Yep, good stuff.  I like the changes, and that new Big Tiger really is mean... revenge bullets!

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Amazing as always. :)

I love the "animated" bullets coming off the exploding enemies. (I hope thats new, I never noticed it before. <_<)

Big Tiger's explosion gets me every time. X_x

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I've survived both of them before;  but mostly I get killed by it every other time. There seems to be some random element beyond my control involved (damn.) :P

IN OTHER NEWS... for a more pure shooting experience (i.e. no powerups), I recommend using Xero's Delano-7 ship for this level. Holy ****, these two were made for each other! I like it enough that my next one might not have powerups at all. :)

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After playing it a bunch more times, I think I've figured it out.... the problem seems to be when you kill him just as he starts a new spread (especially the one with the aimed shots.) You're stuck dealing with those extra bullets, and since those are made to 'lock' you in, you're kinda screwed.

Damn.. just a bit more testing and I could've killed this little glitch. :P

(At least you should have an ample amount of lives by then...)

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This must have taken you forever!!!!

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Yep. Forever and then some. :)

I definitely have an appreciation for the time that goes into building and testing these kind of games now, though.

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how do you download this cant figure out how

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Awsome shoot man!  Congrats!! couldn't believe how hard it's though!

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