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Aren [ More by this Artist ]
October 5, 2008 at 11:11pm
November 22, 2008 at 3:06pm
November 22, 2008 at 3:19pm
Use ?The Tin Flower? for this level.
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This file is HUGE so you might need to make some room.  You can always re-download later.  Enjoy!


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It looks cool, but how HUGE?

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I think this is the most impressive level I've ever seen.  It's almost worth taking up a fourth of my memory :D.

I'm sure I've missed out on a few really good levels on here, but from what I've played you just raised the bar higher than I thought it could go.

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"Wife!  Put down the Boom Blox right now!  I've gotta play Aren's new level!"  Seriously, I cannot wait; this looks incredible already!

Game froze 6 times before I finally beat the boss. So much lag was going on, that everything went slowmo. After beating the level, I saw the games Binary code 1's & 0's. And whenever I try to reset now, the game wont load, now I have to buy a new BW game. And the worst thing, my save data is corrupted. :c
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Ummm... wow.  My mind is officially blown.  Congratulations on your amazing level!

I thought my game was freezing, but it was just taking longer to load all the awesomeness.  Like a mix of World of Goo and Viewtiful Joe with the artwork...

Above and beyond the artwork, though, I salute your trickery with the boss!  I wondered "How did he get the scrolling background to change colors exactly in time with the phases of the boss?"  I understand it now, and pronounce it Very Clever.

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Really Spazer?  That sounds pretty severe.  Aren have you had that problem?

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This level definitely causes some slowdown for me, and takes about 20 seconds to load the level for play.  I thought my game had frozen until I realized I could still hear the music playing, so I just waited and everything was fine.  Blast Works is the one game for which I keep a backup of my save file on an SD card, just in case...

Spazer, sorry to hear it, that's a bummer! (and hopefully just a coincidence)  At least you've uploaded a lot of stuff to the Depot, so you can start a new save and get that much back, right?

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Spazer, I'm sorry to hear that.  I've tested this level a lot and it never crashed on me.  The closest thing to a problem I've had is the long load time.  I really doubt you would have to buy a new game though.  If you did it would just be a different disc with the same data on it.


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I really want to download this; Music was great; But I don't have enough room.  %u01C0:(

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That was supposed to be a flat line...

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