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January 13, 2009 at 2:06pm
January 30, 2009 at 8:00pm
January 31, 2009 at 8:26am
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Ships Playable Characters:

Sgt. Sam / / [ur http://www.blastworksdepot.com/games/blastworks/7889]Alex /


If you've played [ur http://www.blastworksdepot.com/games/blastworks/7891]the demo then you already know how to equip weapons with the "poor man's G-Dock".

Stand so the weapon you want to equip is in your characters left hand and shoot the ammo box 3 times. There are now silhouettes to stand on so there shouldn't be any confusion. Total G-Dock knockoff, I'm sorry. <_<

When you want to switch from one weapon to another, use the gun removers you'll find at each new weapon location. The first one is clearly marked with text. Just stand on the black silhouette and your weapon should be stripped off. After that, you're free to go grab another one.

The extra pistols you'll see in the level are just there for multiplayer. Don't mind them if you're playing alone.

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Schweeeeeeeettttt! I mean: Braaaaiiinsssss! Can't wait to see the finished level!
WTF!? (0_o;)
The logo alone wins on so many levels, that an appocaliptic rave party could never compare. :o
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Okay, this level is freaking fantastic! I'm a big fan of killing zombies, but I never thought I'd see it done so well in Blast Works. Amazing detail throughout, but I have to call out the newspapers, nets, and tentacles especially. Nice update to the Launcher since the demo, too. And the boss!? His second form caught me completely by surprise and I died once while laughing out loud... had to finish him with just the pistol!

Also, you've done a great job with the custom movements for all the enemies...

It's a good day to be a Blast Worker (and a bad day to be one of the undead... not that there's ever really a GOOD day to be undead...)
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Yeah, the title screen is pretty darn spiffy. This is some very awesome, creative level creation, and pretty challenging too. Also, the whole chainsaw thing shows how Blastworks can have close range combat, and is giving me some serious ideas...

Great sense of desperation throughout, with the slow shot rate and all, not being able to kill everything and often making it through an area with a swarm on your tail.

Oh yeah, the police car was a very nifty feature. Your levels always have such cool environmental touches like that.

A few things:

First, I wonder if there's any way to have some more secure anti-stacking measures? I mean, a single little optional removal point isn't going to stop  everyone... Perhaps more upgrade-based, with walls between powerups... Although that would sorta interrupt the design of the level...Meh, I guess there isn't really any way to avoid it. I'm just rambling and taking up space.

Second, what is it with you and headless things? First pretty much all of BlugBorn, now these dogs... Not that it's not a nice touch on either level.

Third, what's all this about you guys and yer fancy-pants "custom movements"? I've found nothing so far to make them with in Blastworks, so I have to ask: How do you guys do it? Am I overlooking something?

I made my own character, due to inspiration. I'll upload the guy I made. I've tried all your ship...er...characters, but none of them really appealed to me so I made one from scratch. I love this level, I've played it at least 13 times now due to weapon choice, there's alot of replay value here.
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Thank you, thank you, I'm proud of my baby. :P

@ MML: That reminds me, I forgot to mention the weapons... X_x

The shotgun and rocket launcher have been updated since the demo. The shotgun has a longer and wider range. The rocket launcher's shot no longer explodes but can pass through multiple enemies.

I was so glad the boss thing worked out. I think it's even funnier than headless spinning Blugborn. XD

@ Onyx: I originally made those wooden crates near the end of the level to use as walls to split up the powerups. Then I thought about bulding a weapon remover into each individual powerup so any weapon already being held would break off as you walked in to grab a new one.Then I thought it would be better to make the weapon remover seperate and force the player down a narrow path so they couldn't avoid it like in 'MegaLevel08'.Then I figured It would take so much "stuff" to force the player into using powerups the right way that it wasn't really worth it, so the weapon removers just ended up being their own seperate little stations. <_<

I never noticed the dismembered head thing until now. >_>About Blugborn, Slughead (big purple sub-boss) had to lose his head so the player could get in there and defeat Blugborn (who technically hasn't been born yet o_O). Blugborn himself... I just thought the headless stage was funny. :PAs for the headless dogs, I didn't want them do be one solid part so I seperated the head and body into two different pieces. Then I gave them each 1 health so the dog wouldn't just die from one shot. The whole "headless undead dog body running around" thing just sort of happened on its own. XDIf you want to bring up all the headless military snipers on the ground.... you got me on that one. :P

@ Spazer: I can't wait to see it. :OI've been thinking about making more characters. Specifically a four man special-ops team with different weapons for a four player mode where you'd have to use your character's weapons strengths to make up for the other characters weaknesses........ but I don't know how many people would actually play this with with three other people. D:

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...almost forgot:

Onyx, about that third thing, check out this thread on GameFAQs.

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Yes, I really like the new rocket launcher! Still not exactly sure how you did that, so kudos.
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I used a couple of Tri-Shot and Spread (Not sure if that's the name) stages with the rank setting for them at 0%.
The original shot gets multiplied, but the extra bullets don't spreaad out everywhere.
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Very clever... thanks!
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you're level was amazing I really loved playing it 5/5!
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