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What is this site all about?What is this site all about? is a web site that focuses on providing tools for the Wii community to connect with other players, voice their opinions, display their Mii Artistry, and so much more!

Consider the web site a compliment to your Wii. offers:

  • Share Miis: Upload a picture and description of your Miis to the web's largest Mii database and vote and comment on other users' submissions.
  • Share Blast Works: is the official web site of Blast Works on Nintendo Wii.
  • Artist Profiles: We've spotlighted the very best Mii artists, so you can check out the creations of the original artists.
  • Wii, DS, Xbox & PS3 News: We grab news feeds from around the web and allow you to vote on the articles.
  • Mii Map: tell us where you live and you'll get put on the Google map that houses thousands of Wii players and some of their Miis.
  • Console Messaging: Receive messages from the web site to your Nintendo Wii Message Board.
  • Find Friends: See what other people are playing in your state and challenge them to a match.
  • Newsletter: Full of news picked by the community and tailored to you, sent straight to your Wii Message Board.
  • Game Reviews: The community decides: add your two cents and contribute to the rating of the games.
  • Forums: Get flamed, discuss games, and build your reputation in custom-built forums.
  • Custom User Pages:
  • AJAX Chat Rooms: Chat rooms that will even work on your iPhone!
  • Challenges: Find and issue challenges in your favorite Wii Wi-Fi enabled games.
What is Console Messaging? How do I get messages on my Wii?What is Console Messaging? How do I get messages on my Wii?

If you're a registered user and would like to receive messages on your Wii Message Board from your friends and users on the site, you can add to your Wii Address Book. Simply adding this email address to your address book on the Wii will register your Wii with our service, but you must be a registered user for it to work.

After registering, you will get a welcome Console Messaging within an hour or so to confirm. You will then have the options available to you on your account page on to filter certain content that we will send to your Wii. For now, we will send messages from other users and friend requests and confirmations. We will add more features at a later time.

As an added bonus, if you send a friend request or message to someone and you have an avatar selected, your avatar will be attached to your outgoing Console Messages.

Please note, due to restrictions on the Console Messaging service by Nintendo, we are unable to provide a way to accept and deliver replies from the Wii. Please bookmark your account page with Opera and use 's messaging system to send replies. A copy of every message is saved to your account page for reference.

I've registered, but I can't login. Why not?I've registered, but I can't login. Why not?

If you haven't got your welcome email, check your junk mail folder. If for some reason you didn't receive it, check the "Find Friends" page to see if you're a registered user. If you are, make sure you entered your information correctly and attempt to login. If you are not, try registering again. There is a password reset form on the registration page for resetting your password that will attempt to send your password to your registered email address.

How do I get pictures of my Mii characters onto do I get pictures of my Mii characters onto
  • Files must be under 1 MB
  • Keep your flash turned off.
  • Keep your picture in the standard 4:3 format.
  • Currently, we only accept JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP files.
  • Use a Wii!

Posting a picture is easy... you can use a camera phone or a standard digital camera in a moderately-lit room to take a picture of your Mii. If you crop your pictures or modify them they'll look worse on the site. Keeping your Mii character's head in the middle of the frame will produce the best results.

Try to keep your camera head-on with the TV to get a straight shot. If you have a CRT (tube) television, you're going to get better results with a shutter speed in tune with 50fps... about 0.3 seconds for most cameras will help reduce scan lines.

If you have internet on your phone, we've optimized the site for PDAs so you should have no troubles uploading your photo straight from your phone's web browser. You can upload your pictures on the "New Mii" page.

As a final note, please stear clear of the Flash Mii editor! It's nice to have crisp versions of your Mii, but it does not do a good job of representing what your Mii will really look like on a Wii.

NOTICE: Unrecognizable Image Formats: Some image formats, such as specialized JPEGs from certain cell phones and cameras, will produce error messages or images. To fix this, we recommend both sending us an image via email, as well as using the site to produce an image file this site will understand.

How do I set an avatar?How do I set an avatar?

First, you'll need to upload a Mii. Second, you'll need to be registered. Now with that all out of the way, go to your My Account page by logging in and scroll to the bottom of the page, where your account information is. Using the drop-down, you will easily be able to select an avatar. You can use your avatar with Console Messaging, Wiidgets, commenting, and many other places.

How do I edit my Miis?How do I edit my Miis?

After you've logged in to the site, navigate to your Mii file. Scroll down the page below the comments and you'll be able to make edits to your Mii.

As of July 9, 2007, you can not change the picture you upload, but you can add more. The first picture you upload for a Mii will be it's main picture, but the large image on the Mii page will be the most recently submitted image. You can upload as many images as you wish, and users can flip through them. This is helpful for group shots: you can now have each member of the group clumped into a single shot, and attach the individuals as well!

Who owns the content on owns the content on

When a user submits a picture of a Mii, they are allowing the right to use the Mii on the site for community and promotion. Feel free to contact us regarding posted work if you need assistance or have concerns. We'll do our best to reply to all concerns and keep the content filtered until we have the means to allow community moderation.

Can I post these images elsewhere?Can I post these images elsewhere?

We don't mind hosting your Mii images, and when you post them on other sites our URL will be placed in the lower-left corner. Just "view source," grab the image url and add "http:///" to it on your own page (or, if your browser allows, right click and copy the link). We'll be adding the Artist's name to the image as well, shortly. Feel free to purchase something through our affiliates as a form of donation if you're looking for good karma.

How do I get a Mii from do I get a Mii from

You can't. You must recreate the Mii using the Nintendo Mii Channel.

How do I rate/vote Miis on the site?How do I rate/vote Miis on the site?

There's a string of five stars () on every Mii page. Clicking on a star value you feel the Mii deserves will vote for the Mii. You are allowed to vote on a Mii only once, and you do not have to login or register for the site to vote.

What do I do if I find offensive or inappropriate material?What do I do if I find offensive or inappropriate material?

Registered users of the site can flag postings, much like on Craigslist, if they feel they are innapropriate. The flag link and icon are just below the Artist's Comments of every Mii, but only when a user is logged in. Please be careful what you do and don't flag. Moderators are informed of flagging before an image is removed and can recall flags if necessary.

How do I review games? ...and, why should I?How do I review games? ...and, why should I?

We all know the feeling of looking at the back of the boxes, $50 burning the edges of your pocket to a seared black, the whole weekend free... you check the nearby gaming magazines, or maybe you already read about the games on your favorite review site... and you're still...not...sure!

We aren't always sure, either. No one person or small team of editors is going to be able to give you the review you need to know if it's a game for you, but perhaps the wisdow of many might lead you to the right game! is about connecting Miis, and Miis are gamers. So read the reviews on first, and if you're a brave and wealthy soul, or you just got a new game as a gift, let us know what you think of it!

When you login with a registered Wii Console Code, you can add games to your collection, rate, and review them - so the rest of us know if it's any good.

What is a Challenge?What is a Challenge?

WiFi? Check. Hot new online title? Check. Opponents? Ch- wait a minute. Friend codes? What the-?

We don't reinvent wheels at , so if you're wondering why we have an entire system dedicated to finding friends and sharing obnoxiously long credit-card-like codes, you haven't logged on and played an online Wii game yet. When that magic moment does come your way, you'll be pleasantly surprised by our fore-thought. Want to play some Mario Strikers Charged? Want to setup a tournament ladder and share online stories with friends instead of complete strangers? We do too, so while we work on our tournament and laddering system, you can search the database of thousands of users for those playing your favorite game right now.

If you want to be on the receiving end of those gaming invites, you'd do yourself good to keep your "Currently Playing" game up-to-date by changing it every so often in the "My Account" area.

We hope to improve your online Wii experience in all ways, but we won't be apologizing when we're ripping red shells your way in Mario Kart. See you online!

How do I make and have friends on my Wii?How do I make and have friends on my Wii?

First, power on your Wii console and get to the main menu. Click on the envelope button in the lower-right corner to bring up the Wii message board. From here, you'll need to click on the second button in the lower-left, the notepad button. Three images will appear on the screen, you want the address book on the right. In order to be friends with someone, you'll both need to have each other listed in your address books.

makes it easier to find friends, allowing people to share their Wii codes and facilitating approval and denial of friend requests. Use the various communication tools like chat, messaging, or the forum to meet others who share your interests in gaming, or simply search and challenge users who are online. (Coming soon)

How do I share Mii characters with my friends?How do I share Mii characters with my friends?

To share your Mii characters with all your friends, click on the Mii Parade icon in the top-right while in the Mii Channel. From here, click on the Travel Settings icon on the right side of the screen and turn travelling on.

How do I send Mii characters to my friends?How do I send Mii characters to my friends?

If you want to send a specific Mii to a specific person, you can accomplish this by clicking on the "Wii Friend" button in the Mii Channel. You will then be prompted to drag a Mii onto an envelope, and then to select a friend to send the Mii to.

How do I get Mii characters from my friends?How do I get Mii characters from my friends?

To grab shared Miis from your friends, simply click the Mii Parade button and drag the Mii you want to your Mii Plaza.

Miis sent to you directly by a friend will pop into your Mii Plaza with a drum roll next time you enter the Mii Channel.