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1,000th Mii, User Avatars & Updates (December 18, 2006)1,000th Mii, User Avatars & Updates (December 18, 2006)
Today we hit 1,000 Miis; behold, the Sanrio Group. We haven't the slightest idea who the Sanrio Group is, but if the creator of this Mii would like to get in touch with us we'd really appreciate it!

In other news, you can now select a Mii as your avatar when you login, and we'll be doing some pretty sweet things with your avatar in the very near future, so check back soon. We'll have this on the registration form soon, too. Pagination also got a huge update today, adding the ability to flip around the pages a lot easier... now to solve the speed issues.

Keep the Miis coming, the contest is starting real soon!
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