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“Wiidget” Appears & Commenting Improves (December 25, 2006)“Wiidget” Appears & Commenting Improves (December 25, 2006)
As soon as we get a few final bugs worked out, we'll be delivering to you, user, the Wiidget. Think of it as your portable online Wii profile... We already have a few designs ready, and we'll have plenty more by the time we launch it. We'll even take some user submissions for designs (at our discretion). Look to snag one of these from the site just after the holiday.

The Wiidget is the first of three major feature releases coming up in the next week. What could the others be?

Jose Nintendo's Wiidget: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" /></a>
In other updates, the commenting feature got an overhaul, and users can now use their email addresses to post comments in the same way they post Miis. When your email address is registered, your comment will have a much nicer footer with your avatar and a link to your profile. Furthermore, we've made it easy to post images and site links within the comments simply by pasting the URL into your comment. We realize this calls for more moderation, so we'll be working on rolling out a comment flagging feature. And, speaking of flagging features, we made it a little more apparent to logged in users that they can flag images by moving the link up the page and giving it a red flag icon. Hopefully these improvements provide a manner for the community to grow without sacrifice.
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