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RELEASED: Wiidget, Mii Map & More! (December 26, 2006)RELEASED: Wiidget, Mii Map & More! (December 26, 2006) is extremely proud to present two new tools to the Wii community tonight! At left, the first of two, the Wiidget. To get your own, you'll need to upload a picture of your Mii to the site and register your Wii. If you've already done that, login and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here is a very rough version of the Wiidget Factory! You can pick a text color, a background color, and a style for your Wiidget. If you have your own Wiidget design, send it to us at!

But wait, that's not even the half of it. Tonight we rolled out a surprise feature, the Mii Map! The Mii Map plots all the users on a Google Map for a great way to browse the world for new friends. With the map feature comes the ability to add your city or town to your profile for better mapping. We really hope everyone will enjoy this feature, as we plan on adding other cool items to this as time passes, so keep an eye on that map!

Well we've promised more, haven't we? Not to be eclipsed by the big news, in the Artist Profiles section we've got an interview with Brandon Erickson, creator of the Jack Black Mii (among others) that has gotten really high scores on Check out what he has to say when we put him on the soap box, he's a very smart guy! We've already got our next four profiles ready to go, and they're all high profile Mii artists - you'll just have to check back each week to read more!

What's that? You want more? Did you know your very own Jose Nintendo has collaborated with SWiitPii over at to design the latest in Mii binary transfer tools, the Mii Mega-Mall? This application connects seamlessly with to get Miis on and off of your Wiimote using a Windows-based PC (requires .Net 2.0 Framework). He's done a great job, so if you're into Mii binary files, check out this new tool!

Also, in case you've never been to the site before, it's beginning it's design metamorphosis... with all the features rolling out we've began redesigning the site to deliver more content with less confusion. All feedback is appreciated, so if you want to drop us a line you know the drill, just click over to the Contact page.

So, you now know about TWO of the THREE big features we're rolling out with this week... what in the world could that third one be?! ...
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I have more classic famous Mii Characters self-made over her please give some comments. Visit my official Squidoo Mii too a please remember to vote for the one you like or add some new ones to it if you like!
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Most of the links on this page are no longer working.. Sad for a new Wii owner!
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