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More Updates: Map Upgrades & Bug Fixes (December 29, 2006)More Updates: Map Upgrades & Bug Fixes (December 29, 2006)
Jose Nintendo is at it again, collaborating with some people in the Wii "modding" (is it modding if they're not actually modding anything?) community to deliver some real cool stuff. In site status, over the next few days we'll be providing the ability to specify which games you own, as well as the ability to rate them. We'll also be providing new ways to navigate the many Miis on the site, including an archive of the "Today's Featured Miis" (yeah, we have an archive), and various sorting and browsing options. This in no way has anything to do with that new feature we're promising soon....

We're also going to start using this news section to update you with other news in the Wii world, as we've slowly been starting to do, and we'll get the comments working on it real soon.

Sorry for the delay in the contest, too, by the way, that will be ready shortly, promise.
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