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Final Update of 2006: a List of Improvements & Adam J (December 31, 2006)Final Update of 2006: a List of Improvements & Adam J (December 31, 2006)
In the Artist Profiles section we have Adam J, another one of's most creative and contributive! We're going to start profiling more users soon, so keep those amazing submissions rolling in! Next week we've got Moxxi on the soap box, so check back again next Monday for more.

The responses have been spilling into the inbox on account of all the updates we've been doing and the support is great. We're working out all the kinks and polishing all the surfaces. Since this is the last update of 2006 (it's been a very short year for, we'd like to wish everyone all the best in 2007.

Today we've managed to solve a variety of issues, providing some updates to the Wiidget Factory interface, as well as the long-awaited BMP and GIF support. We're also tightening the proverbial security belt buckle, so we now require passwords on sign-up, and will provide this as an optional login method for those who wish to further secure their account. If you have not set a password yet, please do so by logging in and following the instructions. The Find Friends page now implements searching capabilities, speeding the process of finding and connecting with people that are playing games you're playing.
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