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Polish (January 4, 2007)Polish (January 4, 2007)
If you haven't noticed, we've been cleaning things up around the site to make it more usable, more secure, and otherwise a little less buggy. Tonight we're adding a human verification image for sending messages, so we don't get interrupted by spammers.

The user feedback is great, and we're working on a method to flag offending users to prevent future spam. We're going to get the game system implemented and then we're going to launch the long-delayed contest.

In other news, it's inevitable that this would happen, and I always email the owners of the sites these things pop up on... It's good to know they're all supportive of the community. Keep up the good work guys, immitation is a form of flattery. For those who don't read GamingBits, check it out... some quality content they dig up over there.
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