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Games Section, More Updates & Moxxi (January 8, 2007)Games Section, More Updates & Moxxi (January 8, 2007)
What hasn't been updated? The games section is sort of there; though there's work left to be done. This will be searchable at least by the time online games begin to appear. There's human verification images on Wiimail and New Miis to keep the unneccessary a little more inconvenient. You can now select to turn off friend requests for when your Address Book fills up (yep, it's full... but I still have to enter in a few last friend codes). You can change your password. You can recover your account if you've forgotten your password. You can use the new Wiidget design by user Jay. You can find friends a little easier. You can see the top Miis when you login with Opera through a bookmark (or any browser, really). You can add multiple games to your account. You can review your games and tell the world you sold it cause it was lousy. You can read other people's reviews... the list goes on, but you get the idea.

Moxxi, whom with the help of his son, has created many great Miis over the last month has an artist profile in Artist Profiles section. Jose will be sending out more requests for participants this week, so if you want to be profiled, watch your inbox for an email.
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