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Brandon, a Mii artist who clearly spends time meticulously crafting Miis, emailed the creator of requesting some sort of recognition for the works on the site. Our comments follow.

On 1/12/07, Admin wrote: Ok so basically your saying you want credit for something you "really didn't do" I want you to explain to me how that is your work? #1 your using a system that has preset hair,eyes,nose,etc.. so you don't have options of creating your own everyone has access to the same thing. Thus eliminating this being considered as "art" now you also want credit because you were able to steal a famous persons "image" and/or "look" and input this into a system(nintendo wii/mii) that has everything already created for you by adjusting the height,color,size and you want me to credit you for this?

I will add a credit or a thanks to (Nintendo Corporation, and The famous/celebrity/actor for allowing me to use their "image")

If you drew that from scratch then it would be considered your work and as art and considered stealing. Then would I give you credit. I took the same image and was able to create the identical image myself, why? Because all the presets are there and i dont have to apply any skill or creativity. Now if i went on another site took the image and took the instructions, then maybe that person deserves credit and thanks only for the amount of work they put towards creating the tutorial.

have a nice day.

On 1/12/07, Brandon Erickson wrote: Then put your name on the site and credit yourself for putting the instructions together. Pretty simple.

So I guess if I meticulously spent days making a perfect copy of a Van Gogh, it wouldn't be necessary to credit the original artist because I just deserve the recognition for recreating it. Your logic is completely flawed.


On 1/12/07, Admin <> wrote: Yes and they dont have any instructions i have to remake them all from scratch by looking at an image. Wheres the recognition for my time to creating a site that has step by step instructions?

On 1/12/07, Brandon Erickson wrote: The people who make those spend a lot of time on it, and they deserve some recognition.

Andre A.

Puroeuro Network:
Andre A.

Puroeuro Network:

So, our response? Looking around the site you might be able to tell (we hope) that we know a thing or two about good design. Jose, himself, has been classically trained in the arts since he was playing NES and Atari. The definition of art may be broad, but it takes only a few moments to define it with a dictionary:1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

12. skilled workmanship, execution, or agency, as distinguished from nature.
Sure there's other definitions but these are the relevant ones. Art is sometimes confined by a ruleset: music has scales, painting has spectrum and brushes, and photography is limited by F-stops and lenses. For Andre to suggest that the Miis on this site are not art is a display of his ignorance regarding "art." Andre, if you're reading, we apologize for calling you on it.

I originally viewed as a nice offering for those without the patience to figure out how the Miis on (or other sites) were made, but if the original artists of those Miis feel their works are being stolen and this is the response, then it's most certainly a disservice.

In defense of Andre's use of Miis created by others, on display on his site with no citation for Brandon or others, Andre says, "all the presets are there and i dont have to apply any skill or creativity." Well if this is so, Andre, what relevance has your site to it's visitors, if it is so easy to recreate the Miis? And what of your argument?

Readers, is a fun, light-hearted site for Mii artistry. We support the entire online Wii community, offering the images and binaries on the site for use on any other site that gives the artists credit - we even host the images and binaries for hot-linking - giving artist credits through programming logic by planting your information straight on the image (download one and see). We're not sure what leads others to lack citation, and we hope their behavior does not discourage participation in this project.

As an artist, myself, by trade, I feel that is the first of (hopefully) many contributions to various niche art scenes, and I will stand up for the intellectual rights of those who contribute without waiver. It is by principle, not nobility.

Without your support, and the support of others, would not exist. Thanks to you, Brandon, and everyone else, for your involvement in the community. Without your input, there would be nothing to copy.

- Jose
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That a boy jose. I'm glad someone is standing up for the spectacular art that is mii creation....
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As one last comment, this will be the last I have to say on the matter. There will be many people in the coming years who will utilize the Mii designs submitted to for their own gain, and this is only an unfortunate side-effect of an otherwise immensely entertaining and creative feature of the Nintendo Wii.
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the people who made them deserve credit. true there are preset hair and noses but there are hundreds of choices, choosing the right one and the right size takes time and effort, and most of all skill. If you can do this and choose to make it then you should get credit.
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wow that guy is ignorant miis can take hours to do from scratch and this guy just looks at them and says look at my site i copy other peoples stuff but its real original he must live in san fransisco
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Unconscionable. I can only hope that eventually people will grow tired of a ripoff "artist" that pillages the innovativeness of talented Mii creators for his own personal gain.
OH NOES! Someone made a mii with there time that looks like one i made, im gonna complain now that they took my work and say that they are theives now.

Seriously, thats what you sound like, if he created a mii that looks the same as yours that doesnt mean he stole it, it means you both have the same "artistic" minds and are really good at making mii's. It doesnt mean you should go out and email him complaining that "OH NOES, UZERZ STOLD MY MIIS WITOUT CREDT 2 ME, U CULDNT HAV MADE A MII SIMILRZ 2 MINE UR SELV"

Seriously now, think about it.
You know, it's been a while since I was in copyright law, but I remember studying that there actually were issues of a photographer taking photos of a work of art and some one else using it. The photographer (don't remeber names) claimed that it was an imfringement of copyright. In the end, it was decided that the photo of the work of art was a work of art in itself because it was the photographer's perspective and arrangement of the picture within the frame ... thus making it original. Wish I could remember the specifics, but that FamousWii guy ... not a cool way to treat people. He needs to do a little research before going off on people like that. Mii's are simple a person's expression of the combinations provided, just as a photo of a painting is a person's expression of the possible combinations of perspectives available for that painting (does that make sense?)
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