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4,000th Mii! More Site Updates, Mulanzo & PERFECTD0RK (January 14, 2007)4,000th Mii! More Site Updates, Mulanzo & PERFECTD0RK (January 14, 2007)
Behold, the 4,000th Mii! Gareth is a character from the UK TV show The Office, and was contributed by jcfromgc.

For all the users who are using our Wiimail system, I have added the ability to block messages from users who send you messages you wish to block. The [ Block ] button is under each message under the "Friends" tab in the login area. This should eliminate the possibility of spammers and unwanted messages on your Wii Message Boards. Also, the ability to mark a message as read has been added, so you can hide it from your message list once you've replied to it. As for those users who haven't sign up, sign up for Wiimail, it's great!

The Game Reviews page is also slowly starting to shape up, keep an eye on that after we switch servers... Yep, we're moving to another server, yet again, and in short time we'll be updating the reviews section and allow searching on "owned games" in the "Find Friends" section. The new server is much faster!

An interesting item was brought to my attention by xiaNaix of, and it's a book by Prima Guides that will supposedly have instructions for how to make celebrity Miis. I wonder to what extent this will effect the contributors to this site? We shall find out soon, I imagine.

PERFECTD0RK and Mulanzo are both being added to the profile section this week, as the number of Mii artists on the site far outweighs the number of weeks in the year. We'll have to come up with a better schedule if the submissions continue as they have.
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