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Is your new source for news? (January 20, 2007)Is your new source for news? (January 20, 2007)
The response to is incredible, and with all the attention and side projects, we've been getting to know a lot of people from the blogs and news sites that feed the Wii community it's information. An affiliate list just didn't seem good enough... not really our style either, so to return the thanks we've put together an experimental RSS feed voting system called the "Wii News Experiment." We still have a couple bugs to fix here and there (sometimes two stories show up as one - we'll fix that soon we fixed the bug but ended up losing some comments and votes... sorry guys.), but it's online and ready to read.

The premise is simple... read the story and vote on it. Then, with the help of others you can select a quality of story you want to read and read only the best bits from the top Wii news sites out there.... let's see how it works, shall we?

In other updates, we've also provided some sorting on the Mii categories, added a "Similar Miis" section next to every Mii (to alleviate some of the stress of people uploading "copy-cat" Miis), improved the game reviews section, and added information from including price, availability, publisher and box art to the games. We had some bugs with the Wiidget section (sorry about that) but then we added an "Email this Wiidget" function for those of you designing Wiidgets on your Wii.

That's about it for this week! We've got a lot of requests for a forum and of course a custom solution is in the works, hold in there guys! Any other requests? Let us know!
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Thats awesome thanks Miiplaza
i noticed the top rated miis dont appear on the front page anymore, BUT i want to add that this is actually a good thing IMHO ppl were getting out of hand with the ratings, and there are still alot of ppl going around 1ing ppl they dont like Thanks Miiplaza I luv ya ;)
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