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5,000th Mii, Josean and Shadowfax184 (January 27, 2007)5,000th Mii, Josean and Shadowfax184 (January 27, 2007) is back on track, providing updates and improvements instead of fixing bugs, and we're proud to announce the 5,000th Mii is the documentary film maker Michael Moore. Would the creator of this Mii please get in contact with Jose Nintendo?

Today we roll out two more Artist Profiles, Josean and Shadowfax184, so be sure to check those out.
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gratz on the profiles josean and shadowfax184 i also wanted say that ive noticed a much "nicer" community with the top rated not being on the front page i think it was a good thing to get rid of it
I disagree. I preferred the Highest Ranked when it was on the front page. Hell...I don't even know where to find it now!
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The highest ranked is now in the "Share Miis" section of the site. I am working out a better way of picking the best Miis from the day before.
Well I agree that it was a good way to show off the best of the site it was causing too much arguing, and complaining between the artists. Also alot of "hate rating"
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