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New Artist Profiles & a Partnership (February 15, 2007)New Artist Profiles & a Partnership (February 15, 2007)
zzyxx and kitowskiv have joined the ranks of profiled users. Our apologies on the delay in getting new artist profiles up. Everything is back on track and there will be another new artist profile this coming Monday.

In other news, has partnered with Gorilla Nation for advertising. You may start to see some ads being replaced with new, more targeted ads and we hope this will give us more breathing room to grow our capabilities as time goes on. This is exciting news for everyone, and we'll be working tightly with Gorilla Nation to make sure the ads served on the site will be appropriate. is going to be undergoing some major changes. The forum has provided us with a lot of insight towards what the site is lacking in, and we hope to supply the community with more features and benefits. We've got big plans as we gear up for the online gaming rush that is bound to start soon, and we intend to be the best way to meet and game with other Wii players. We may appear to have slowed down with the updates, but in a few weeks or so we'll be announcing big things. Stay tuned!
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