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A Mii Challenge: Win Stuff! (March 1, 2007)A Mii Challenge: Win Stuff! (March 1, 2007)
We're kicking off March with a chance to win a Wiimote with your Mii printed on it! In collaboration with, we'll be rewarding the winner with a custom printed Wiimote with their Mii on the back! We'll also be using your 404 Mii as our 404 Error page.

Here's what you have to do: create a Mii character for a 404 Error. That's right, the dreaded 404 error that comes up when you try to access a web page that doesn't exist. Go wild! We have no idea what to expect from this. Please send your entries to Jose ( Hurry, this mini contest ends March 7th!

Update: This contest is open to anyone, internationally.
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