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Contest Closed, Winner Announced (March 9, 2007)Contest Closed, Winner Announced (March 9, 2007)
This seems like a good time to plug the artist profile for stonesour_17. We recently sent out a lot of artist profile requests, and we've got some great responses, so if you've got the email, please reply to get in the queue.

Now for the contest... we had a lot of great entries, and it's just making us more excited for the upcoming contest. If you didn't win this time around, fear not, this was just a warm up for us.

Now, the winner. We had some awesome entries: "I am Error," a couple with Miis positioned in a Mii Plaza to read "404," a few "X" faces and a bunch of others. While we prep our new 404 page (which will have a lot of these on it), we'll at least announce that the winner is Ali420. Stay tuned to see all the entries, thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations Ali420!
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