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Profiles and Podcasts! (March 27, 2007)Profiles and Podcasts! (March 27, 2007)
If you missed their profiles last week, be sure to check out Tocci and Mr. Tip in the Artist Profiles section. Tocci was a surprise addition to the line-up since his Bill Clinton Mii made front page news of the Wall Street Journal's Marketplace section.

Just in case that's all old news to you, though, we've got another profile up this week for Linuz. Linuz has a very interesting selection of Miis, so check him out.

In other news, will be featured in the upcoming "The Wii Show" Podcast on the Podcast Network, and they're running a small contest for Mii characters with a Nyko Charge Station as a prize, so check them out! Jose Nintendo will be the judge the final judge! Here's a direct link to the MP3 download of the show and get those submissions in before the deadline.

For those wondering about the contest we keep blabbing about over the last few months, it just keeps getting bigger, and we've decided to announce the official rules and prizes when we reach the 10,000 Mii mark! Keep 'em coming!
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So what is this contest? I'm still new and want to take a swipe at this 10,00 Mii thing!
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