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Your Mii on TV? (March 28, 2007)Your Mii on TV? (March 28, 2007)
Listen up, artists! Your Mii art may be on TV — NBC in San Diego, to be precise — but there's a catch. Not just any Miis... up for the challenge? Create a Mii of one of these reporters: Bob Hansen, Artie Ojeda, Susan Taylor, Marty Levin, and Marianne Kushi.

For pictures, see this link.
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Ill have my enterie(s) tomorrow, when's the due date?
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if an when our miis are on TV, when will they be?
this will be cool!!
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I'd assume there's enough now, now to just wait and see!
when is the due date and if we want to send a mii do we send it to help or what
I am new but when is the miis due cause i might join
thats funny.... they should have the miis talk to the world
i'm trying to create a mii on NEW Mii but not to sure on how
it's done. any help would be grateful.
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yea that will be cool but how many days does I have for me to do the Mii
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