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Updates & DeltaP42 Profiled (April 3, 2007)Updates & DeltaP42 Profiled (April 3, 2007)
DeltaP42's profile is now up, check it out.

UPDATE: We're go on the new system that requires registration to, well, to do almost anything fun on You can now register with or without a Wii Console Code, and you can also change your email address. We also now require confirmation on the email address to avoid those nasty typo's people were producing.

We should see a cut back in the amount of spam on Miis, and a lot less anonymous trashing. We hope this improves the community and encourages it to grow. Now we've got to get to work on deleting all that spam and providing the more usual updates... and oh, that 10,000 Mii contest... you know the drill, keep 'em coming and we'll have some great prizes to announce shortly.

P.S. If anyone knows where to get our hands on a Wii that isn't eBay, that information would be very helpful. Thanks.
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Ignore that period in the URL (before the ?)
This site is good for finding Wiis if and when they're in stock. As I'm writing this they're only listing a Walmart bundle, but often there are better results
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if Wii is featured in Target or Circuit city flyers, that usually means they will have Wiis the morning of the sale date, and the sales usually start on Sundays ( the trick is to show up an hour before the store opens, when they start handing out vouchers )
call ur local toys r us theyll tell u thier next shipment date if u check every weekend or so. dont do walmart unless u wanna call daily, they are not allowed to say the date until 24 hours b4 they sell it

look for 'speedy1961's posts...he gets flyers from Target Best Buy Circuit City, etc...

i read his posts weekly and found my console without the bundle crap
toys r us has a bunde now and then when i went there that morning it was only wii starter kit thing, ( wii sports nunchuck remote console etc.) but they had a sign there saying that they have had a bundle 300 bucks comes wiht sonic the magic rings or summin and when u get that u get a 50 dollar gift card rofl for toys r us
Go here

I subscribed to the RSS feed and snagged mine from when they had an hour in-stock window. I wouldn't have known about it if not for this site and would probably still be Wii-less to this day.
Yea you should try Wal-Mar. They had about a dozen or so console there for $149.00.

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