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More Updates (April 6, 2007)More Updates (April 6, 2007)
A simple update today allows you to remove friends from your friend list. Your friends will be notified via the messaging system when they are removed. We've also added a quick login feature to the top-right of the site, making it easier than ever to login and stay in touch with your friends.

Also, in case you missed the last news update, you may now register WITHOUT a Wii Console Code. You will be excluded from some of the fun, but this is a major milestone in the development of, and we expect this update to provide us the tools and system necessary to provide more updates and the contest we've been dropping bits about for almost 3 months now... it's coming...
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I think Nintendo should be more focused on online gaming for the wii? I mean come on now this should have been first on the list.
Now see...this right here! This is the stuff I'm talking about! Kudos to you guys, some steps in the right direction!
thats tru they should have made it able to go online gaming...or atleast make channels that can be online like wii boxing has it own channels to play people around the world
there should be online gaming!
yea i want to whip kids online and play against my friends while their at home and im at home.
yea I dint it will be online game in 7 months it will be a wii soprt type of game for playing online
mmmm i have no update so it says i have V2.2E i need a update i have no internet and poll what i shud have look hir
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