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autx Profiled & 10,000 Miis! (April 16, 2007)autx Profiled & 10,000 Miis! (April 16, 2007)
In the profiles section today we've added autx, a long time contributor to

Also, we're pleased to announce we've hit the 10,000 Mii mark! That's a lot of Mii artwork, to be sure! You guys and girls know no bounds of creativity, and it's our pleasure to host this amazing gallery! Check it out - the 10,000th Mii - "Upsidedown Face Man" by dizzzledan. Stay tuned for more 10,000 Miis news...
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i had the ten thousandth mii
i put in the last 3 at 9,997
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nice mii though
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This may be so - but some of those may not have been Miis. This Mii comes up as #10000 when I sort what's on the site by creation date. :)
What an honor. It was completly by mistake too.. this was the last mii I put up of my bunch. Guess I just got lucky. I'd like to thank alkafighter for inspiring me to make cool miis and the Might Marvel Mii club.. check out my Xmen!
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