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WiiMail Registrations Back Up (May 3, 2007)WiiMail Registrations Back Up (May 3, 2007)
Our apologies, but Wiimail registrations have not been working for the last 7 days. The 80 or so of you that signed up during that period were added today and confirmations were sent out — with this bug fixed. everything should be fine moving forward. Thanks for your patience during our growing pains!
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i wanded to have wii mail i registerd but noting !
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what did you say and what dose that mean
what do you mean
what do you guys mean im new at this can you help me out
how do i get friends in mii channel
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anonymous, try finding some users on this site to be friends with! Sign up for an account, then click the "Send Friend Request" links next to users you find yourself agreeing with, or maybe you just like their Mii characters. :)
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request me plizzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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