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The 10,000 Mii Contest (May 25, 2007)The 10,000 Mii Contest (May 25, 2007)
We've been sitting on this for a while wondering how to make it work, and I think we found a way. So the official rules have been announced, and we're looking forward to kicking the contest off in early June! One lucky winner will receive a Nintendo Wii console, and one lucky artist will receive a set of Mimobot pen drives!

Click here to read the official rules.
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So the mii's being used will have already existed? I don't understand what mii's we will be guessing on.
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sounds like fun! not very sure how it works yet but i'm in!
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I cant wait, let the challenge begin!
dont get it
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Well i click on rules and i get a blank screen so i guess that Firefox is not yet in. anyways looking forward to the contest even if i don't know what its about :}

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