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Game Friend Codes (May 31, 2007)Game Friend Codes (May 31, 2007)
And we all thought this was going to be easy.

Today, and from this day forward, you can add Friend Codes for online-enabled Wii games. This all comes about with the European release of Mario Strikers Charged. Friend Codes can be entered in the "Games" section within "My Account," and are viewable next to the game in your profile. This makes the whole process a whole lot more complicated, and through some clever engineering we hope to provide those who want it with an easier solution! Stay tuned.
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this awsome
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sry das ich da 2 comments reingemahct hab wo nix steht hier is mein fc: 137540 191596
name: itachix
striker: Yoshi
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say what. what is he saying?
i dont know a word he said
Awesome,a great way to test friends skills.
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