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More Site Updates (June 13, 2007)More Site Updates (June 13, 2007)
If you wish, you can now specify your gender in the "My Account" area. Age is coming as well.

The "Wii Make News" newsletter now includes an image attachment from the top news story! This was a rather tricky feat, and now the newsletter can be easily spotted on your Message Board. A bug was also fixed that was causing the most recent news story to be in the newsletter as opposed to the most voted on.

This week's contest Miis will be released Thursday morning instead of Friday.
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I have a question about the Mii's on the Wii console. They is a cut off of how many Mii's one can have. Why did they not make it so you can save them to the SD Card so you can have as many Mii'S as one likes? Righ now i am max out in the Plazia of the console and i have Mii's coming in every day but can not add them??


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