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New Features & Improvements (July 1, 2007)New Features & Improvements (July 1, 2007)
Artist Profiles have been few and far between the last many weeks, and to remedy the problem, a system was built to handle the profiling process in a more efficient manner... the first of two to submit their profiles through the new system, Charlieboy, is profiled today. With the new system, the community can now vote for who they want to be profiled... if you see a cool Mii, there's now a "Profile Artist" flag on every Mii page - clicking it will add your vote for that artist to be profiled. If the artist gets enough votes, they will receive a request for them to fill out a profile.

A list of other updates and improvements follows: "Artist Profile" link on relevant users' pages; direct link to search results for gamers playing a game from the game reviews section; user status in game reviews section; inconsistent styling problems in the forum have been improved; user names no longer show up as "anonymous" immediately after leaving a comment; and some other minor bugs have been taken care of.

Good luck to everyone participating in the 10,000 Mii Contest.
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What is going on with the Voting on the Wii console? I mean come on now you guys need to get in the grove and get things working and add some other types of software.
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Thanks Jose, I'll go start more "Artist Profile" button clicking rampage.
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