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Nickard77 Profiled & Some Updates (July 18, 2007)Nickard77 Profiled & Some Updates (July 18, 2007)
Nickard77 is the first user to be profiled by user votes, and proves the system is working! Go check his Miis out if you haven't already.

Nothing major to report on the updates side of things, just a small list of improvements: "About Me" section on user pages, editable in the My Account section; game-specific friend codes now display as they do in the games (thanks Mike for the format!); game-specific friend codes now appear on the Game Reviews page; a bug preventing Miis from being updated has been fixed; and last but not least tagging Miis is now an option, though the tags remain unused at the moment.

The contest is nearing the finish! Thanks to all who participated and if you haven't got all your guesses in, this weekend is your last chance! Have fun and good luck.
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congrats Nickard!
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yea good job A
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gooo nickard77
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