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More Site Improvements & Goobuoojuice (July 23, 2007)More Site Improvements & Goobuoojuice (July 23, 2007)
An additional batch of small features: Daily Featured Miis are now selected a little better with a few small tweaks to the formula; ordering by tags and full names is now an option, so users with large Mii libraries can now have cleaner user pages; and you can now access your user page using your user name, but you'll have to have been the first user on the site to have registered the name. This is the first step to having smarter URLs than in the past, and we intend to do this sort of thing site-wide.

Goobuoojuice joins the ranks of profiled artists today.

Today, Monday the 23rd, is the last day for submitting guesses to the contest and we'll be turning off submissions at 12pm EST, sharp, and begin the tallying process. Good luck!
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