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goemon3033 Profiled & Updates (August 20, 2007)goemon3033 Profiled & Updates (August 20, 2007)
goemon3033 is the first Japanese Mii artist to be profiled on His profile is bright and colorful, and is an interesting addition to the artist profile series! Pardon his English, it was very kind of him to supply English responses!

A laundry list of updates from the past week: the Featured Miis now have a new secret algorithm and will soon become a center piece once again; Mii bookmarks are now public on user's profile page; friends lists may now be made public; users can make the text box for the "About Me" bigger and smaller to make edits easier; user pages and My Account pages are undergoing an aesthetic make-over.

As always, please direct bug reports and suggestions to either the forums or the help -at- email address.
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congrats geomon :D
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Good job goemon!! :D Congrats and best wishes to you! :)
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Wow, geomon~ you are so cool.
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welcome aboard :)
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ur awsome goemon!!!!
Nickard, Kooby, Alan, Charlieboy and jdino, arigatou-gozaimasu! (thank you very much) And, I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who sent the congratulatory mail to me. I am very happy! ^_^
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you are a great mii-artist Goemon3033!

Thank you, Jules! I am very glad because you like my Miis. ^_^
Awesome ^-^ Mata-Ne!
Congrats! welcome to hope great things for you!!
Your artwork will be treasured by me.Thank you and keep up the good work!
Wow! Anthony, Dude and DV8thwonder, arigatou-gozaimasu! (thank you very much) Let's make this wonderful site livelier. ^_^
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