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Shoot 'Em Up Coming to Theaters (August 24, 2007)Shoot 'Em Up Coming to Theaters (August 24, 2007) well as the banner ad spots! You may have already noticed an ad or two - New Line Cinemas wants you to check out the new action movie starring Clive Owen, that guy from Sin City. As a special thanks for their support of, we're showing them some love and linking to their online promotional game.

Another update, the "Games" section of user profiles has been updated. Those Miis out there that like to write long reviews for their games now have a great place to show them off. We're working on a new game selection mechanism, as well as buttons to help with those tricky BBcodes so you can make your Mii comments, game reviews and About Me pages look the way you really want them to.

Please continue to leave feedback for the new DS Games and goemon3033's artist profile in those respective news articles!

Many thanks to all, including our New Line friends.
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Popular Friendly So Much To Say Something To Say Spammer
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yeah i cant wait to see this movie
hmmm, so many updates, but no winner to the contest ><
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Popular Friendly So Much To Say Something To Say Spammer
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!... ? There is no winner yet, but the prize is packaged and ready... there seems to be some fishy things going on. ;)
uh oh, fishy things like what...
i already seen it ......its tight all bloody non stop action i recomend death sentence 2
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