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I am Error (October 30, 2007)I am Error (October 30, 2007)
There was a strange glitch that caused everyone's Wiimail to be replaced by some really, really old messages. This glitch is fixed. Thanks to the many of you who noticed and wrote in.
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Popular Friendly So Much To Say Something To Say Spammer
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thanks alot jose you da man
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Thanks Jose. It was weird having those messages.
Thanks again, Jose.
thanks :)
Thanks, Jose I really appreciate it.
thnx Jose i was really freaked out
Phew, thought I'd have to delete each one myself.
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Friendly Something To Say
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whew i thoght i was talking to unknown people lol
thanx jose,i thought someone hacked into my account!
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Friendly Something To Say
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Thats good but I'm still reciving black wiimail. Why?
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