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One Year of Mii (December 4, 2007)One Year of Mii (December 4, 2007)
When Jose saw a primitive version of an Ackbar Mii hit a popular video game message board a year ago, throwing together the initial web site that was was more of a knee-jerk reaction than well-executed idea. Over the last year, the response from the masses has provoked and encouraged further development, as more and more artistic and inspiring contributions were added to the gallery. Less than a year later, hit 1,000,000 visitors and had become the world's largest public suppository for Miis. It's safe to assume a few real-world icons who have been Mii-ified have come to laugh and enjoy their fan-made avatars, and really, how cool is that?

The twisting and positioning of Mii parts is not unlike many other avatar creation systems found in past video games; however, the limiting selection and use of the avatar in WiiSports on Nintendo's first hit console in generations were the key factors in elevating the act of designing a Mii from a tedious pre-game process to a hobby. Though seperate in motive, it is this tie that bonds us in enjoying the creations of our peers: the games we play and love. It is this connection that makes the 'art of Mii' unlike any predecessor.

All the same, the act of decidedly placing pieces in the Mii editor to form familiar imagery will likely never be decreed as high art. has been the place for thousands to share their creations and receive feedback, whether it's a world-famous Jack Black or a perfect rendition of your Aunt Sally. It has been a pleasure to provide, and continue to provide, this service to the gaming community. Perhaps as a collective, as a movement, the art of Mii as a whole may be inspirational enough to future artists and game developers to warrant a small place in art history. Only time will tell.

We salute those who have contributed to the community enough to draw the eyes and mouse clicks of the many in 2007 with the year's top ten.

Top Ten Most Requested Miis
Mii Views Unique Views
Zoidberg 23,616 13,830
Master Chief 2 14,342 9,961
Mario 13,067 9,145
Venom 12,592 7,340
Jack Black 12,143 9,041
Darth Vader 11,213 6,838
Samus 10,725 7,732
The Venom 10,650 6,706
Robocop 10,103 6,760
Storm Trooper 10,067 7,272
Top Ten User Profile Requests
User Views Unique Views
Atkafighter 58,258 31,182
Bobby Bobby 24,460 9,138
isic 18,840 7,117
Autx 12,771 2,820
Charlieboy 12,747 4,670
MR. TIP 10,290 4,900
Adam J. 7,441 3,211
Ali420 7,286 2,614
Jose Nintendo 7,111 4,682
Jules 6,782 2,989

Didn't come up on the lists? No fear. 2008 is a new year, and we have a lot in store. We've been working hard this year to form relationships and allocate resources, and will be seeing a large rework in short time.

As for what's in store in early 2008, we hope to bring more ways for you to share Mii creations, rate games, find opponents, and be involved in a creative community of video gamers around the world. Expect more user-centric content, personalized pages, upgraded Mii collection tools, and easier ways to contribute, collaborate, and find what you're looking for, as well as some big surprises. We can't share all the details yet, so keep checking back to see what's new.

In the mean time, while the current site is in it's development stasis, you can help support the community effort by voting for your favorite artists in the Check Mii Out Channel. We're particularly proud of seeing Bobby Bobby recently dethrone "Ninja," the Master Mii Thief, and we hope to see more long-time Mii artists pop up in that top 100!
Visitor CommentsVisitor Comments
Jose im going to post 210 miis on mii plaza -This will help the site alot right? But i need to wait till *December 15 07*
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of 16 badges
hah, its funny seeing results that you contributed a year for. Number 5 in user popularity for me.

On the other note, great job BobbyBobby knockin "Ninja" out of the number one spot! keep him down there. Everyone listen up! View and favorite BobbyBobby's mii's on the "check me out" channel!
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Thanks to everyone who has supprted my miis and myself over the past year! Thanks to Jose Nintendo for making a place where mii artists can display the fruits of thier hard work! Congrats to bobby for proving to the world that he is the best mii artist out there! I have learned alot of techniques from many artists here!
Oh yea Vote bobby bobbys miis keep him on 1st
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go bobby keep kicking ninjas butt
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Way to go, Jose. well put, and thanks for providing this to all of us this past year.
Interesting of note in the top ten. All of them, with the exception of Jack Black, are costumed superhero types or game characters... I love the ironic hollywood ones myself, but it's really interesting to see what the popular stuff is... and of course, props to Bob and Ajay and isic and the rest.
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im suprised bobby bobbys terminator didnt make th top ten.
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yay! iam tenth! \(^_^)/
thanks everyone!

congrats BobbyBobby! :D
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still cant believe isics venom beat mine ey what can u do lol
Is it me, or did Ninja start copying Bobby after awhile? I was on CMO and Ninja has a cheap imitation of Bobby's very cool Cookie Monster, which by the way, is in my Mii Plaza, along with many of Bobby's other creations. Keep up the good work dude! Let's show everyone that Mii Plaza dominates the CMO!!!
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seeing bobbybobby reppin mii plaza was already exciting for me,but u kno seeing him knocking down stupid ninja surprised me my a lot...then again i did favorite all of bobby's miis
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SoOoOoOo how 'bout that contest, eh? It's almost 2 weeks late.
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