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Welcome, Brawlers. (March 9, 2008)Welcome, Brawlers. (March 9, 2008) has always catered to Mii lovers, and today we welcome another breed: Smash Bros. Brawl players.

For now, those that are new or haven't been here for a while will have to meet and challenge other players in the forums or the chat, but very shortly we'll be upgrading the web site with a large host of new features and a slick new design that's going to bring yet another array of features to compliment your Wii online experience.

Stay tuned and enjoy

Update: Brawl Friend Codes in the forums and more Brawl Friend Codes in Game Reviews.
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Finally, Brawl is Here! I never thought This Day would come, but it did!
WOOT! Thanks Jose, I cant wait til the new site!!
Shortly shortly YESSSSSSS it means tonight or by the time we wake up we have a new ! sitte lay out!
yes brawl is here!!!!!!!!
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SSBB BABY!!!!!! yeah this rocks.. ADD ME ON BRAWL!!!
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MESSAGE ME FOR MY BRAWL FC! awesome jose! brawls finally here and the new site's coming shortly. i CANT wait! :D :D :D :D
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News like this should come more often. It definatly helps the site and forums. LETS BRAWL!!!
yea but the site is coming tanx jose !
Thanks Jose for The Add On! Makes it Easier for All of Us!
yea i hope they do the right thing cuz it was about 2 get ugly in the smash fourms ^^
btw i cant wait 2 see hoe the tourney feature when the site comes!
once again, for those users that don't look in the forums...

I'm adding people up til i get to 49 friends, then im leaving 15 select spots for close friends and rivals. i still have 9 spots left til i reach 49, so if you add me, PM me and im more then likely to add you in return.



thanks everyone,
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