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New Design, Public Beta (May 12, 2008)New Design, Public Beta (May 12, 2008)
We're pleased to roll out a host of new updates to the site today, and for some, there will be very little to complain about... but we've sort of left Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 users in the dust.

While we are committed to helping and improving the site for all browsers, you're best off going with the most recent version of your personal favorite. (Firefox, MSIE 7, Opera, or Safari).

We'll be rolling out new features, fixing bugs, and posting lots of news about how to use new features, updates for Blast Works, and so much more over the next few weeks, and we thank you for your patience and support during this time while the dust is settling.

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Friendly So Much To Say Something To Say
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Aha! I knew that downtime last night couldn't have been for no reason. ;)

Congrats Jose, and well done!

I'm sure celery will be exstatic :) lol  Love the new look, terrific job

Awesome!  Had to get Firefox, but well worth It!

This is awsome! I though I typed the name in the addres bar wrong at first!

Great site, but chatting is kinda crappy.

OooooooOoooooooOo! Pretty. Surpised us. Me anyways. :)

I knew you would suprise us }:) but you totally made my day! Though there are some errors and problems I' m getting here and there, but I know you will clean it up in the meantime ;)    So,  Thank You Jose!!!!!

Ahh I hate this! Maybe I just haven't figured it out well enough yet but I loved the old version much more

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very nice.  just sent a message and it's so fluid!  <3 the new site.  ^_^

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Popular Friendly So Much To Say Something To Say
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now the fun begins hahahahahhahah!

Good job!

How can I look at all my badges? I realized there are only displayed 5 at a time


That's all I can say

Congrats on the new design
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