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Bugs! (Updated) (May 14, 2008)Bugs! (Updated) (May 14, 2008)
Thanks to everyone sending in bug reports through the Contact link - we're handling them one by one and will get to all of them.

Please note that MSIE 6 has a lot of incompatibilities at the moment that are being worked on; please see the previous news post for supported browsers if these bugs are preventing you from enjoying the web site.

Thanks for your patience!

Squished bugs:
- Uploading Miis now works.
- Uploading Mii versions now works.
- Long-time Featured Mii bug fixed.
- Featured Mii calendar history fixed.
- Date bug fixed.
- CMO code back on Upload Mii form.
- Blank comments bug (possibly?) fixed.
- 'Not Accepting' Friend Request message now displays.
- Comments arriving as numbers fixed.
- Previous 'number' comments also fixed! - Commenting in Image section fixed.
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A bug-squishing list is a great idea.  :)

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Popular Friendly So Much To Say Something To Say
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Heheh. Guess the 'Blank  Comment' bug is still alive. ;)

thanx ^_^  those Blank comments bug Is Squished !

still havent got it where everytime I check my miis new comments are always from Dec. 31, of '69,,,,,,

Oh and also I can never see featured miis from past dates. And I have FireFox

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when are you sorting the adding games bug with ive reported ages ago?
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