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E3 News & Site Updates (July 17, 2008)E3 News & Site Updates (July 17, 2008)
Big announcements from E3 this week, compressed into a small list: Nintendo's WiiSports Resort comes with a pack-in WiiMotion Plus, Dead Rising making it's way to the Wii, The Conduit will use WiiSpeak, a new Rayman Raving Rabbids party game, confirmed new Zelda, Mario and Pikmin games, Mega Man 9 in 8-bit glory, Wario Land, Mario Super Sluggers, updates on the Sin-City-esque Madworld, previously announced titles Animal Crossing: City Folk and WiiMusic, and last but not least... Xbox Miis? We tease.

Meanwhile, we've been toiling diligently over a long list of emails and bug reports. Your patience while issues have been being worked out is appreciated, and we hope this update makes your experience that much better while we continue to solve some of the issues not in this update. There will be a bigger update coming soon with even more new features and bug reports already in development.

New Features
- 'Uploads' are now consolidated in My Account area
- Blast Works uploads management
- New Badge: 'Blast Works Critic' (joining previously unannounced badges 'Mii Critic,' 'Mii Rater,' 'Blast Worker,' 'Pro Blast Worker,' 'Blast Works Artist,' and 'Blast Works 15 Minutes')

Bugs Fixed
- "Last Comment" on Miis
- Calendar fixed for users in affected timezones
- Forum 'Last Post' on new topics bug
- Delete comment bug (on Mii pages)
- 'Vote for Artist' button functions correctly once more
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As a side note, here's a list of some of the bugs being working on:

- Adding games on the Wii Opera browser
- Display issues on the Wii Opera browser
- Chat issues
- Wiimail issues
- Forums: Edit post and Quote & Reply functionality
- "Blank" Comments bug (mostly in Safari for Mac)
- Search page 2 bug
- Text formatting bugs in comments and forum (including the "+" character)
- Image section updating issues
- Mii version list issues
- My Account Preferences page display issues
- and of course, IE 6 support

It's a long list, and fixing bug isn't always a simple task. Thanks again for your patience!
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Thx Jose!!

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