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Site Updates (August 25, 2008)Site Updates (August 25, 2008)
We've got a laundry list of bugs and improvements this week, and appreciate the support for identifying and patiently awaiting solutions for any errors you encounter during your experience at and the Blast Works Depot. There's been a lot of great levels coming through the Depot such as Gryzor's creations, Body Wars, and the Destructoid contest entrants. They're all on the Featured Blast Works calendar, so download them and let the creators know what you think! You can check the Featured Mii box on the calendar to check out some of the finest Miis uploaded to the site as well.

New Features:
  • The Newsletter now delivers status information on personal forum threads, Miis, and Blast Works.
  • Blast Works "Versions" now automatically link to new and old versions from the same object tree.
  • Comments and game reviews sections now resemble the forums.
  • French and German language translations are available site-wide.
  • Download History has been added to the Downloads page.
  • Poll widget adorns front page, coming to user pages soon.
Check the comments for a list of bug fixes.
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Bug Fixes:
  • "Remember Me" (also known as "Save") now functions as expected when logging in.
  • Forum editing and formatting issues have been greatly improved.
  • Blast Works search functionality has been restored.
  • Locked threads may no longer be posted in.
  • Console Messaging and Newsletter have been reworked, optimized, and improved.
  • Calendar and challenge bugs have been fixed.
  • Navigation menu animations are new, more stable, and menus can now be used slightly earlier in the page loading process. Improvements for these modifications are planned.
  • Internet Explorer 6 support has improved, but is not yet officially supported (We still recommend upgrading to 7 or Firefox).
  • User Mii pages now have new look and more stable functionality.
  • Code has been optimized to significantly improve speed of page loads.
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Thx so much, Jose :}

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Additionally, the Mii search is now fully working and the Challenge page now displays correctly when viewing a 'closed' or cancelled challenge.

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