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October Community Update (October 8, 2008)October Community Update (October 8, 2008)
Some community news for this week... A forum user, B1LL, is hosting a Halloween Mii contest in the forums, add your vote and check out some creative new Halloween Miis.

From the recent Nintendo press event comes announcements of a new Punch-Out!, and a new console, the DSi. And for those who want something new now, there's Mega Man 9 on the Virtual Console.

Blast Works user Gryzor has been hard at work creating videos of his amazing levels, as well as selected other user's levels and they can all be viewed in the forums. We'll have them up in the Depot very soon, and recommend all to check out the Blast Works community's fantastic creations!
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Thats all true!

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It would be nice to have a monthly review of the site. Reviewing interesting topics of discussion and such, any possible bugs fixed, anything really.

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